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Sex Trafficking is the Fastest Growing & Most Profitable Criminal Enterprise in the World

It's Here. It's Growing. It's not Going Away.

Human sex trafficking, exploitation and sexual abuse has seen a marked increase in the United States. High profile cases associating the political and social elite suggest that the practice of buying sex in the United States is not just a street level crime affecting the poor and indigent.

On the contrary, sex trafficking is happening within middle class suburbia. Those in the industry of rescue and rehabilitation are seeing an increase of sexual abuse, child on child sexual assault, and trafficking activities right in the heart of middle-America. The problem is here and the problem is not going away.


America's Dirty SecretsSex Traffic Is Big Business

Before I came to Hope Rising, I just wanted to die. Every day was the same . . these guys coming into the room, making me take off their clothes . . . and I would just lie there like I was dead . . and I couldn’t do nothing cause I was only eight years old.

Hope Rising Survivor Story

Hope Rising Ministries

Provides Hope & A Future for Minors Rescued from Sex Trafficking

Our Mission

The mission of Hope Rising is to provide a specialized trauma-informed continuum of care for
minor children who have been rescued from human sex trafficking and exploitation, offering
them hope and a future as they journey on the road to recovery.


Our ValuesOur Services

Children Have Become a Re-Usable Commodity

The Most Vulnerable Are Paying the Price


It is reported that over 79,000 children are trafficked in Texas, and the majority of them are American-born. What once was an issue happening in inner-cities or overseas  is now happening very close to home. Sometimes, within our very own walls.

Sex trafficking is a complex issue and takes multiple forms. We are seeing a marked increase of sexual abuse in the home including incest, child-on-child sexual assault or even parent’s selling their own children for sexual services.

Children . . . The New Street Drug. Vulnerable children and minors have become the new street drug: easy to obtain, cheap to sell, and plenty of buyers. Unlike drugs, children can be used time and again, making sex trade the most profitable business in the world.

America's Dirty Little Secret Is Big Business

Children, Toddlers & Infants Are Being Targeted

Why the Demand?

Pornography floods the internet, expanding the boundaries of traditional sexual relationships. 

The lure for younger victims and more “illicit” acts is in high demand.

This insatiable demand for internet pornography has fueled the fire of the adult film industry increasing the demand for more bizarre sexual acts with younger victims. As a result, there is an increased market for children, toddlers and even infants. We’ve seen unimaginable circumstances where a mother is willing to sell their own child in exchange for cash, drugs or the promise of a better life for themselves.


The Effects of Pornography on Children

Targeting & Grooming

You Don't Know, What You Don't Know

Targeting, Recruiting and Grooming

Many trafficked teens come from what we may consider as good or traditional homes and families. The increase of online activity by children and teens has drawn the attention of highly sophisticated recruiters and groomers who effectively target and lure young, impressionable victims into a life they do not anticipate. Pornographic photos and alluring chat requests flood the inbox of every social site. The concern of your child stumbling into something dangerous online is not if but when.


Recognized the Signs of Sex TraffickingEpstein Survivor Tells Her Story of Recruitment

Exposing the Darkness

Public Awareness and Training are Vital to Combating the Spread of Sexual Exploitation

There is Hope

Despite alarming statistics, there is measurable progress being made on the front lines of rescue and rehabilitation for those affected by sexual trafficking and abuse, as well as a formalized movement to educate the public on how to recognize and fight sex trafficking in their own homes and communities. 

Hope Rising is a Texas based non-profit Human Sex Trafficking Organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of minors affected by sex trafficking and/or sexually abusive living situations. Online training and social platforms are dedicated to the following:

1) Recognizing the signs of sex trafficking 

2) Increasing awareness within local communities

3) Equipping caregivers to proactively combat online sexual threats within their own home.


About Hope RisingHope Rising After Care Program

A Long-Term Approach to Healing

Through Specialized Foster Care

Committed Relationships Are Key

In order for any type of post-traumatic care to take long-term effect, it is vital that survivors are provided a safe and nurturing living situation. Minors who have experienced sexual trauma are in a state of flight-or-fright. Brains are stuck in survival mode, and self-protection instincts are on overdrive. At Hope Rising, we provide a traditional home-like setting with certified and highly trained house parents situated in a bucolic ranch setting. We provide wrap-around services including post-traumatic and trauma-informed counseling, certified equine therapy, an onsite school, tutors and mentors as well as health and wellness opportunities.


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Equine Therapy

A Powerful Tool Enabling Victims of Abuse to Find Their Voice

Equine Therapy - The Beginning of Trust

Survivors of PTSD, complex trauma, or dysfunctional homes have a strong tendency to dissociate from all relationships – especially with humans.  Therapists must figure out a way to re-engage these patients, bringing them out of ‘survival mode’ and into a place of more rational reasoning. Often that is where the time with the horse comes in. Horses give the patient a safe place, a safe audience so to speak. Patients can let down and begin to come out of that place of self-protectionism, and eventually they can start operating out of their prefrontal cortex and a place of rational reasoning. When a patient is finally able to express feelings to her horse-therapists, the ability naturally begins to transfer to human relationships. In order for healing to take place, trust must be established and maintained. The horse represents a constant and loyal companion to the patient, and often it is the first trusting relationship they have ever experienced. 


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