Causes of Sex Trafficking

Putting it bluntly…

Trafficked women and girls don’t have a choice. Men do.
A man who has sex with a trafficked woman rapes her. He is a rapist, as are the countless men before him and after him.

Human traffickers are those who victimize others in their desire to profit from the existing demand. To ultimately solve the problem of human trafficking, it is essential to address these demand-driven factors, as well as to alter the overall market incentives of high-profit and low-risk that traffickers currently exploit.


The Demand

Individuals who buy commercial sex acts create the demand for sex trafficking. Avenues of commercial sex are residential brothels, hostess clubs, online escort services, fake massage businesses, strip clubs, and street prostitution.

Many sex buyers may be unaware or in direct denial of the abusive realities of sex trafficking situations as they exist within the broader sex trade. Most, if they are honest, are suspicious when they come into contact with a women or girl that is being trafficked, but say or do nothing because they are apathetic.

The media of our society often glamorizes and romanticizes the commercial sex industry. Additionally, it is common that victims of trafficking will not discuss their situation with customers or ask for help because they are trained by their traffickers to lie and keep up the act. As a result, customers or “johns” may not fully realize the truth behind the facade.


Pornography’s Role

People tell themselves that pornography is a harmless past time, a form of entertainment, or a freedom of expression covered under the 1st amendment. After all, God invented sex. However, it is not harmless, entertaining, or a freedom for the people who appear in porn movies and photographs.

Human trafficking are forced to perform sexual acts on camera to be viewed by millions without their permission.

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