Hope Rising's Equine Therapy

About Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy is based on a non-verbal activity between the patient and the animal. Horses are very social and emotional animals and they must have a trust relationship with the person that’s working with them in order for them to cooperate. Victims of abuse and neglect have lost (or never developed) their sense of trust or personal empowerment. As the girls are introduced to their horses, they must confront their trust issue immediately. A horse is a large animal and they very quickly identify that they don’t trust that large animal, but over the process of time as they begin to trust and to transfer their feelings of powerlessness onto that animal, they become empowered through that relationship. They learn that they can ask what they need from their horse, and the horse in return begins to trust them as well. So in this mutual trust-building relationship, that girl is being healed, and she’s taking her power back. 

Gayle Brittain

Director of Equine Facilities and Certified Equine Specialist

Gail is a World Champion and professional rodeo Hall of Fame Inductee, and an EAGALA certified Equine Specialist. She oversees all equine facilities, and equine therapy sessions for the residents of Hope Rising. 

From Gayle’s Perspective

“The work Hope Rising is doing is tremendously important for victims of trafficking, and society in general. Each year human trafficking is becoming a larger population and unfortunately Texas is a large percentage of that.

Most people are not familiar with the horrific conditions these young people are forced into. It’s heart breaking, and must be stopped.

Hope Rising is combining a safe, family oriented environment, along with Christian values, and an equine therapy model like no other is succeeding in rebuilding the young mind and spirit into a productive, and balanced member of society.”

Mark Your Calendars for These Important Events

Hope Rising works hard to host events which are inspiring, fun and full of fellowship in an effort to raise awareness of human sex trafficking. Your attendance and support of these events helps our ministry to continue to provide long-term, comitted services to promote healing and restoration for minors of sexual abuse and trafficking. Thank you for your support. 

Ride for Hope Annual Fundraising Trail Ride 

April 4th & 5th, 2020
A fun camping weekend getaway at 7IL Ranch, complete with trail riding, equine therapy demos, Dr Lew message, Church in the Dirt, and more! You don’t want to miss this! Learn More

Boots & Bells Annual Fundraising Gala

The Boots & Bells Annual Gala is one of our most vital fundraising efforts, as well as a time of fun and fellowship with our strong supporters and community members. An evening of fine dining, live and silent auctions and fun and fellowship. Learn More 

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