Sex Trafficking, It’s Everyone’s Concern:

Human sex trafficking has become a very concerning issue for all Americans. The Jeffery Epstein case brought to light the highly organized and profitable business of sex-trade within the highest ranks of society. Photos associating alleged-buyers such as Prince Andrew and other high profile “Johns” suggest that the practice of buying sex in the United States is not just a street level crime affecting the poor and indigent.

The reality is that sex trafficking is happening within middle class suburbia. We are seeing an increase of sexual abuse, child on child sexual assault, and trafficking activities right in the heart of middle-America. The problem is here and the problem is not going away.

It is reported that over 79,000 children are trafficked in Texas, and the majority of them are American-born. What once was an issue happening in inner-cities or overseas  is now happening very close to home. Sometimes, within our very own walls.

Sex Trafficking is Complicated

Sex trafficking is a complex issue and takes multiple forms. We are seeing a marked increase of sexual abuse in the home including incest, child-on-child sexual assault or even parent’s selling their own children for sexual services. Vulnerable children and minors have become the new street drug: easy to obtain, cheap to sell, and plenty of buyers. Unlike drugs, children can be used time and again, making sex trade the most profitable business in the world.

Why the Demand?

The insatiable demand for internet pornography has fueled the fire of the adult film industry increasing the demand for more bizarre sexual acts with younger victims. As a result, there is an increased market for children, toddlers and even infants. We’ve seen unimaginable circumstances where a mother is willing to sell their own child in exchange for cash, drugs or the promise of a better life for themselves.


Sexual Abuse and Promiscuity within the Walls of Middle Class America

Children are being exposed to graphic pornography via the internet at younger and more vulnerable ages. Studies show that children under the age of 10 now account for 22% of online porn consumption under 18 -years old. Particularly alarming is that the site most visited by children under 10 include porn mega sites like Pornhub. The under 10 age group is now accounting for one in 10 visitors to porn video sites. (


Online Targeting, Recruiting and Grooming

Many trafficked teens come from what we may consider as good or traditional homes and families. The increase of online activity by children and teens has drawn the attention of highly sophisticated recruiters and groomers who effectively target and lure young, impressionable victims into a life they do not anticipate. Pornographic photos and alluring chat requests flood the inbox of every social site. The concern of your child stumbling into something dangerous online is not if but when.

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