The 86th Texas Legislative Session brought several significant changes to the efforts of combating human sex trafficking including: increasing public awareness and prevention efforts, and creating harsher punishment for sex traffickers and buyers.

The Texas Governor’s Office has prepared this overview of the 86th legislative session which can be viewed in this video link.

Important Features:

Spotlight on Schools
• HB 111 (2019-2020 School Year) −Clarifies that sex trafficking must be included in school policies and trainings • Staff, student, and parent awareness • Prevention techniques and recognition training to all employees • Actions to obtain assistance and available counseling options −Adds sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other maltreatment of children with significant cognitive disabilities • Commissioner’s Rules (public comment ended September 23rd) −School policies must include child abuse anti-victimization programs in elementary and secondary schools consisting of age-appropriate, researchbased prevention designed to promote self-protection and prevent sexual abuse and trafficking.

• School Safety Allotment:  Allowable school safety and security training costs include prevention and treatment programs related to addressing ACEs • Staff Training:  Approved trauma-informed care training • Student Education:  “Digital citizenship” – appropriate, responsible, and healthy online behavior  Enrichment curriculum (Health) – skills to manage emotions, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and responsible decision-making

HB 111
Requires sex trafficking to be included in school district policies,
including methods for increasing stuff, student, and parent awareness
and prevention techniques
HB 123
Homeless and foster youth exempt from fees and parental consent
requirements for obtaining birth certificate/ID/driver’s license
HB 1590
Creates the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Task Force within the Governor’s
Criminal Justice Division
HB 1865
Amends massage therapy regulations: removes 5 year sit out for
prostitution convictions; requires fingerprint/background checks;
creates student permits and school reporting
HB 2747
Prohibits massage establishments from allowing individuals to live on
the premises and requires posting of human trafficking awareness
signs in massage establishments and massage schools
HB 3091
Creates offense for disclosing confidential information about a family
violence or trafficking shelter

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